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5 Ways to Improve a Bathroom in a Property to Rent in Aberdeen

Let’s be honest when you’re looking for a property to rent in Aberdeen, you really would like to have a nice, modern, clean and spacious bathroom. Sadly though not all of the property to rent in Aberdeen have such bathrooms. Here at PMC Management & Lettings are our 5 top tips for improving your bathroom in a rental property.

1. Storage

If you’re a living in a small apartment then storage in general will probably be a problem, particularly within the bathroom. Therefore making use of free standing storage can make a world of difference.

Try and utilize a small chest of drawers, some shelves or metal/wooden racks for extra space and storage. If your bathroom is really tiny try a shelving unit that is slim or use small boxes for storage.

2. Cover up what you don’t like

If your property to rent in Aberdeen is not very modern and you loathe the floor tiles, then making use of a lovely bath mat can help cover that up. If the shower curtain is looking old or not to your taste, it is an easy replacement that can change the look of the bathroom instantly.

If the walls are not tiled and are looking old and worn then covering them up with some pictures and turn it into a mini gallery. Even better if you are a creative type, put some of your own photos or pictures in there and you have your own exhibition.


3. Add Accessories

If the bathroom in your property to rent in Aberdeen is looking rather shabby, you could possibly turn this into an advantage. Adding some flowers, candles, pictures and special soaps – all of these could improve the look of your bathroom. With the addition of these aesthetically pleasing items it will help distract your gaze away from awful taps, doorknobs and ageing tiles.

4. DIY

Dealing with a loose toilet seat, broken door handle or even a leaky tap are all things that can be repaired in your property to rent in Aberdeen. Ask your landlord to make these minor repairs and if you want to change the toilet seat to something more to your liking, then ask the permission of the the landlord of your property to rent in Aberdeen before you go ahead with this.

Making only a few small changes to your bathroom will make a vast difference on how you enjoy your time in your property to rent in Aberdeen.

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5. Give it a Deep Clean

Most of the property to rent in Aberdeen get a good cleaning before a new tenant arrives but rarely does the bathroom get a really good, deep clean! If you’ve moved in and want to make the most of your bathroom, buy or hire a steam cleaner and get stuck in! This will remove the all the grime and muck and make your bathroom look new again.

Get some heavy duty cleaning products and once your finished light a few candles and your bathroom will look and smell great!


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