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Top 5 Tips to Protect your Plumbing this Winter

Living in Aberdeen can be great! There’s the beach, the great architecture, the shopping and the amazing countryside that surrounds it. However, living in Aberdeen can also be extremely cold at times! A mix of low temperatures, wind chill and the closeness of the North Sea, makes Aberdeen a tough place to live in during Winter. This difficulty is multiplied when you rent a property in Aberdeen or you own a property.

The problems that could arise with your property during the winter months are numerous; but we are going to concentrate on how cold temperatures would affect your plumbing and how our 5 top tips should help combat these issues.

1. Keep your drains and downpipes clear

Autumn Leaves may be a great piece of music by Chet Baker but having leaves in your gutter and drainpipe is going to cause a blockage. If you’re able to reach the debris safely then great but if the build up is too deep or dangerous to grasp, then a professional jet wash may be the best way to go.

If you want to prevent blockages occurring again, then fitting gutter guards would be an ideal solution, they will collect any fallen leaves before they get into your pipes.

2. Drain outdoor water supplies & disconnect the garden

If you leave your garden hose connected ice can actually form inside the hose. The result from this is that pressure can build up in the pipes inside your house and potentially end up with a leak or burst pipe!

To ensure that you don’t have any breakages with your outdoor water supplies, you’ll need to use the shut-off valves inside your home. These are usually under your sink, in crawl spaces or in the basement.

3. Wrap up your pipes in Blankets

Yes, we’re not kidding! Temperatures in Aberdeen can plummet and the water inside your home can freeze, resulting in burst pipes! Burst pipes will automatically be a disaster for your décor and your wallet.

Your lovely picnic blanket though, is probably not what you want to use on your pipes, so using foam tubes with a split in the side are easy to come by and cheap. You just need to cut them to length and put them on your pipes and that will reduce the risk of the water freezing within them.

4. Keep the Heat on

The pipes within your home are less likely to freeze if the air within your home is warm.

Keep your cabinets to under your sink open, this will encourage warm air to circulate around these pipes and faucets.

5. Keep the Snow off your Drains

Even though you are concentrating on not having an ice build up in your drains, you need to be aware that snow will cause a blockage too. The result of having a snow blockage in your drains will be flooding, so keep them clear.

Make sure you have a shovel at hand, that’ll help you remove any snow that is covering your drains.

If you have any tips or ideas that you use over the winter time, then let us know in the comments below!


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