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Property Management Services

What are Property Management Services?

“Property Management Services” will usually include the following tasks as part of the property management fee on the service charge account:

  • Preparation and issue of a quarterly reconciliation statement of income and expenditure on an Owners Account, per Residential Unit.
  • Preparation and issue of an annual newsletter, budget preparation, issue of a summarised annual property inspection.
  • The processing of customer receipts and allocation of payments
  • Processing of payments to contractors
  • Processing of reactive maintenance instructions to contractors.
  • Responding to customer service enquiries
  • Conducting competitive tender reviews of services
  • Attendance at an Annual General Meeting
  • Periodic quality checking of contractors services
  • Meetings with owners and Owners Association committees
  • Meetings with utility providers
  • Check and record utility provision consumption
  • Major works opinion ballots
  • Development condition inspection and surveys
  • Compliance with deeds of conditions where enforceable

Other Property Management services provided by The Property Management Company that may incur additional fees include:

  • Contract management of major competitive tender projects
  • Management and supervision of onsite building superintendents
  • Procurement and administration of block buildings insurance policy and claims
  • Assessment review of insurance policies and premiums
  • Assessment of review of health and safety compliance
  • Legal action to recover common service charge arrears
  • Final closing account reconciliation statement