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New Website

Moving Forward with our New Website

Some say that new is better; and with websites that is usually true.

At PMC we decided that we would tackle 4 main components of our website:

  1. Overall Design
  2. Portal for New Lettings Division
  3. Private Customer Area
  4. Blog & Social Media

1. Overall Design

Design and Technology are constantly moving forward, particularly on the web. Our old site was looking rather dated and lacked some of the functionality that we wanted to use to help our customers. An example of this is the increase in usage of mobiles and tablets to access the internet. Gone are the days of everyone using their desktop or even their laptop to look for a property to rent in Aberdeen. So we went with a modern, clean and responsive design, so that whether you’re at home, at a coffee shop or on the move, you will always get looking the way it should and that means finding a property to rent in Aberdeen much easier!

2. Portal for New Lettings Division

We know how much demand there is for a Property to Rent in Aberdeen, so with the introduction of our new lettings agent Ella Dubanowska, who has been heading our lettings division, we decided it was vital that people who are looking for a property to rent in Aberdeen, could easily find our properties to rent. On our website you can search for all our properties that are available to rent, whether it is a property to rent in Aberdeen or further afield via the search form on our home page. You will also be able to look at high quality images, view the locations on our google map, download extra information as a pdf and email us directly on the properties page.

3. Private Customer Area

Many people feel more like a number than a person when it comes to their relationship with their service provider. At PMC we wanted to improve on our customer message board by allowing customers the option to register and then log in to their own private customer area. This would allow them to have a private conversation with us, without having to scroll through other people’s messages. We have also added the capability to exchange documents and images within the customer area.

4. Blog & Social Media

With the average Briton spending more than 15 hours a week online, we decided that improving our online presence was important to keeping our customers up to date. We have started a blog (this being the first post) and we have set up social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. We look forward to updating and communicating with you via these social platforms with information ranging from Industry News, Property Tips to what the new property to rent in Aberdeen is and much, much more.

Tell us what you think

We are always looking to improve our customer experience, so if you have any suggestions or comments regards our website, then please let us know via the contact form.




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