Environmental Policy

We are aware of our responsibility to conserve the planet’s scarce resources, to reduce waste and to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible. Therefore we encourage the conservation of our natural resources and promote effective environmental management procedures throughout the company.

  1. We monitor energy consumption and encourage energy saving measures wherever possible.
  2. We promote environmental awareness to our staff, clients, customers and suppliers.
  3. We minimise waste by encouraging recycling of paper, ink cartridges and old mobile phones.
  4. We reduce the use of paper by using email instead of letters and faxes.
  5. We encourage our staff to suggest other measures to aid conservation and to reduce waste, wherever it may occur.
  6. Postal Service Reliability – With the current difficulties in the postal service, we cannot guarantee that posted mail will get to you or that we will receive post from you. Email solves the problem of an unreliable postal system.

When it comes to Property Management in Aberdeen we will always endeavour to engage in local environmental efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.


We strongly believe that E-communication provides our clients with an improved service for receiving updates and accounting information, provided we have email addresses and mobile numbers. Our ability to correspond and communicate effectively is significantly enhanced by e-communication whether it is notification of a defect, acknowledgement of a trades appointment or an information update regarding repairs, e-communication enables us to keep you informed. With effect from 1 January 2018, a charge will be levied on owners who choose to receive paper correspondence, rather than email.


  • PMAS
  • IRPM
  • RICS
  • Homes For Scotland
  • ARLA