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Design an Inviting Hallway to your Home

We all know how important it is to make a good impression when trying to rent out or sell our home. We want it to appeal to potential tenants or buyers, so we spend many hours prepping the outside and the inside of the property so that it gives that all important wow factor.

However, one part of the house that is usually neglected is the hallway! It is thought of as merely a way to get from room to room and therefore can underwhelm in comparison to the rest of the property. Since the hallway would be the first place people see as they enter the property, it is important that it is welcoming.

Here are 3 ways to Design and Inviting Hallway:

Colour Bright and Neutral

Hallways can be places with very little if no natural light. That is why making use of neutral colours to decorate is so important. Colours such as white, cream or even a light grey can give the impression of space and light where there is not much.

Not only should the walls be neutral but also the floor. Having a dark carpet or dark wood floor will automatically darken and shrink the hallway, in comparison a lighter colour with open it up and make it seem spacious.


Much like when decorating any room in the home you want to accessorise and give it a sense of style. The same goes for the hallway, making use of some carefully picked accessories is vital.

Make sure that the accessories are functional. A hallway is somewhere where people take of their shoes and coats, so perhaps invest in a neat and tidy shoe shelf that can double up as a bench. For people’s coats, buying a coat rack that goes on the wall or is floor mounted can add not only a functional place for people to leave their coats but also give the hallway a sense of style.

Once you have some functional pieces, the next step is to get a mirror. A mirror will not only give the room extra light but also make it feel much larger. The bigger the mirror the larger it will feel, just don’t go nuts! Choosing a stylish mirror will also give your hallway a real design boost.

Get Comfortable

If your hallway is large enough, adding a stylish chair would add a sense of comfort and style. Select a chair that matches not only the hallway but also the theme of the décor of the house.

Another way to add comfort if you don’t have the space is to buy a runner rug. A runner rug will give a great sense of style and comfort to any hallway; particularly if it is a hallway with wooden floors.

Make sure that the runner rug is durable and can be easily cleaned, since people will be taking their shoes off on it, there is a high likelihood it will get messy.

So there you go, 3 tips to give your hallway a stylish and inviting twist!




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