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Credit Control & Debt Recovery Procedure

As of 6th March 2019

Most Deed of Conditions permit the factor to distribute an uncollectable debt amongst the remaining proprietors. PMC Management & Lettings will use its best efforts to limit bad debt. Included in the new owner pack will be a statement that details PMC Management & Lettings’ credit control and debt management policy. Serious bad debts however may affect the undertaking of important repairs or regular services.

The Deed of Conditions usually provide for the appointed factor to decide on the frequency and method of payment best suited to the management of each particular development. To protect the interests of other owners PMC Management & Lettings may apply for a Notice of Potential Liability on any property with an account that persists in arrears. If appropriate PMC Management & Lettings may seek decree and place an Inhibition on a property to try to secure a debt. If required, PMC Management & Lettings will resort to legal action to recover a debt. PMC Management & Lettings’ credit control policy and action procedure will apply an administration charge to owners that fail to respond to the company’s first warning communication (CC1) pursuing late payment. Warning and notice is served in the CC1 document of an administration charge should payment not be received.

If payment is still not received within the next 7 days we will communicate with a client to advise that we have debited their account £12.00 and that if we do not receive payment within next 7 days we will communicate with a third document which will be a Final Demand (FD). This Final Demand document will advise that if payment is not received within the next 7 days the debt will be passed to an external agency for collection and a further £12.00 administration charge will be debited to the account.

All subsequent costs both legal and judicial in pursuit of the debt will be charged to the individual’s account.

Debts which are disputed will be dealt with under our Complaints Procedure, please see our website for the current version.


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