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Clarification of Inspection Process

A recent Court case has brought into focus the different interpretations that can be put upon the word “inspection”, used in connection with a Property Manager “inspecting” either a development as a whole or perhaps a repair that has been completed. For clarity, PMC would state that our staff are not qualified to carry out a “building inspection”, nor have we ever purported that they do so.

When we refer to a “development inspection”, we mean that the Property Manager will visit the site looking to spot any obvious and serious issue that is apparent. They will not necessarily visit every part of the site and they are not in any way carrying out a full survey. They will not go into concealed or closed areas, will not necessarily go into each section of the development and the report will only refer to items that they have noticed, accepting at all times that there may be items which, for whatever reason, they did not notice.

Concerning repairs, we do not, as a matter of course visit the property after a repair has been carried out. We employ reputable Tradesmen and expect them to complete works to a satisfactory standard. Our staff are not qualified to comment on the technical aspect of any repair. If, after a repair has been carried out, it is thought appropriate to visit the site, it would be to establish if the area had been left in an appropriate condition. Where major works are undertaken or works of a technical nature, we reserve the right to instruct a qualified professional, expert in the relevant field; to inspect, report and verify the suitability of the repairs carried out.

Furthermore, in reference to the play areas, where they exist, in addition to the formal ROSPA annual inspection we state that grounds Contractors will carry out “regular visual inspections”. For clarity we would confirm that we interpret a “visual inspection” as a general overview of the play area, by an unqualified person, looking to see any obvious hazard or defect, always accepting that they may not notice a defect at any particular time. It does not involve any testing of any kit that may be present, and is only designed to take a very general impression of condition, – it is not to be thought of as formal inspection.


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