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Design an Inviting Hallway to your Home


We all know how important it is to make a good impression when trying to rent out or sell our home. We want it to appeal to potential tenants or buyers, so we spend many hours prepping the outside and the inside of the property so that it gives that all important wow factor.


However, one part of the house that is usually neglected is the hallway! It is thought of as merely a way to get from room to room and therefore can underwhelm in comparison to the rest of the property. Since the hallway would be the first place people see as they enter the property, it is important that it is welcoming.


Here are 3 ways to Design and Inviting Hallway:


Colour Bright and Neutral

Hallways can be places with very little if no natural light. That is why making use of neutral colours to decorate is so important. Colours such as white, cream or even a light grey can give the impression of space and light where there is not much.


Not only should the walls be neutral but also the floor. Having a dark carpet or dark wood floor will automatically darken and shrink the hallway, in comparison a lighter colour with open it up and make it seem spacious.



Much like when decorating any room in the home you want to accessorise and give it a sense of style. The same goes for the hallway, making use of some carefully picked accessories is vital.


Make sure that the accessories are functional. A hallway is somewhere where people take of their shoes and coats, so perhaps invest in a neat and tidy shoe shelf that can double up as a bench. For people’s coats, buying a coat rack that goes on the wall or is floor mounted can add not only a functional place for people to leave their coats but also give the hallway a sense of style.


Once you have some functional pieces, the next step is to get a mirror. A mirror will not only give the room extra light but also make it feel much larger. The bigger the mirror the larger it will feel, just don’t go nuts! Choosing a stylish mirror will also give your hallway a real design boost.



Get Comfortable

If your hallway is large enough, adding a stylish chair would add a sense of comfort and style. Select a chair that matches not only the hallway but also the theme of the décor of the house.


Another way to add comfort if you don’t have the space is to buy a runner rug. A runner rug will give a great sense of style and comfort to any hallway; particularly if it is a hallway with wooden floors.


Make sure that the runner rug is durable and can be easily cleaned, since people will be taking their shoes off on it, there is a high likelihood it will get messy.


So there you go, 3 tips to give your hallway a stylish and inviting twist!






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5 Tips to Avoid the Awkward Flatmate Interview

Your old flatmate has moved out of your property to rent in Aberdeen and you’re back in the unenviable position of having to find a new flatmate. You’ve searched high and low for a new guy or girl, but will they be the one?


Taking into consideration such things as interests, the likelihood of doing chores and the ever so joyous topic of who pays what regarding the bills. You know it’ll be tough for things not to get awkward.


Having an interview is a great way to figure out what the person is really like. You can find out what their character, attitude, personal preferences and lifestyle is like. The following tips can help out regards having an awkward free meetup.


Meet Publicly

This may sound counter intuitive considering your having an interview about the flat and you’re both not in it. However, it is good idea to have your interview in a café or restaurant. Reason being is that this could be the first time you have ever met this person.


Meeting in public will also avoid the awkward moment of showing them the door if the interview proves to be unsuccessful.


Plan Ahead

You probably have a whole bunch of questions to ask them but when it comes down to the actual interview, you might have a mind blank. Writing down your questions in advance means that you won’t forget some of the all important questions.


Some questions that you might want to ask could be:

  • How long do you plan to stay?
  • Are you a smoker?
  • Do you have a steady income?
  • Do you go to parties often?
  • What’s a typical day for you?
  • What chores do you like/don’t like?



Honesty is the best Policy

So you have asked your potential flatmate some questions and now it’s their turn to find out a bit more about you. Don’t feel under pressure to lie about who you are or your habits. Be honest about it. You might be eager to get someone in due to the cost of living in Aberdeen but if you’re honest, it will save you from some very awkward moments later on down the line.


 Get a Second Opinion

Do you live with other people already? Get their opinion as well. If not, ask friends or family to join you at the interview. Let the potential flatmate know so that they don’t feel accosted but get whoever is with you to write some notes down. You can get their thoughts and feelings afterwards; they might have seen something you missed.


Get a written agreement

After all the interviews and you have decided on a particular candidate, the best thing to do is to write up an agreement. This will avoid any confusion later on down the line.


Some of the topics that should be covered in your agreement could be:

  • Bills and deposits and how they will be paid
  • Policies on pets in the household
  • Any curfews or silent times
  • Expectations and chores


Next time you are looking for a new flatmate, take into consideration our 5 Top Tips and hopefully you can avoid any awkward interviews and will find the perfect flatmate.







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New Year: Give your property to rent in Aberdeen a boost this January

January, a time of new beginnings and the launch pad for making those important changes in life. No, we’re not talking about resolutions that typically drift away as the weeks go by. We are talking about putting some serious time and effort into your property to rent in Aberdeen.


There are many things that you can do but here at PMC we have put together 4 tips to get you started this January.


  1. De-clutter your life

Nothing drives us more crazy than clutter, the continual saga of moving our stuff from one inconvenient location to another. The home never quite feels tidy and when you think about it, the stuff your moving around is not getting used much…if at all.


Therefore, take some time to really think about what you have and see if you really need it. The one-year rule is a big help; if you haven’t used it in a year, chuck it. This doesn’t apply to everything but it will help move a significant percentage of clutter.


  1. Schedule Weekly Cleaning

Easy said than done but regular daily and weekly cleaning is the best way to keep on top of household chores. The benefit of a schedule is you are less likely to go easy on yourself and just leave it for tomorrow.


Try to make sure that you wash up you dishes and give everything a quick tidy and have a proper weekly clean. The result of this will mean that you home will be tidier in general, you won’t be embarrassed by unannounced guests and you won’t be spending your entire weekend catching up.


  1. Check for Safety

Your home is beautiful, clutter free and now clean but is safe? Checking your smoke/carbon monoxide alarms is important to do on a regular basis and it would be advantageous to make sure that every room in the house has both a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. These alarms can be relatively inexpensive to purchase and can save your life.


  1. Reduce your Bills

December & January can be a tough time financially and one way to help save the pennies is to reduce your utility bills. Turning the lights off when you leave the room and purchasing energy saving light bulbs will save you money on your electricity bill.


Many of the properties to rent in Aberdeen are older buildings with high ceilings and granite walls. These are very solid structures and high ceilings are great but heating them can be expensive. Reducing your heating bill can be done by using draught excluders to stop the warmth from escaping under your door and if you want to go a step further; you could reduce the temperature in the house and put on a jumper.


Competition Update: 

If you remember we ran a competition during December for a chance to win a £100 Amazon Gift Card, we would like to announce that there is a winner named below. Congratulations David! Enjoy!

Winner of £100 Amazon Gift Card – David Beedles

property to rent in aberdeen

Top 5 Tips to Protect your Plumbing this Winter

Living in Aberdeen can be great! There’s the beach, the great architecture, the shopping and the amazing countryside that surrounds it. However, living in Aberdeen can also be extremely cold at times! A mix of low temperatures, wind chill and the closeness of the North Sea, makes Aberdeen a tough place to live in during Winter. This difficulty is multiplied when you rent a property in Aberdeen or you own a property.

The problems that could arise with your property during the winter months are numerous; but we are going to concentrate on how cold temperatures would affect your plumbing and how our 5 top tips should help combat these issues.


  1. Keep your drains and downpipes clear

Autumn Leaves may be a great piece of music by Chet Baker but having leaves in your gutter and drainpipe is going to cause a blockage. If you’re able to reach the debris safely then great but if the build up is too deep or dangerous to grasp, then a professional jet wash may be the best way to go.

If you want to prevent blockages occurring again, then fitting gutter guards would be an ideal solution, they will collect any fallen leaves before they get into your pipes.


  1. Drain outdoor water supplies & disconnect the garden

If you leave your garden hose connected ice can actually form inside the hose. The result from this is that pressure can build up in the pipes inside your house and potentially end up with a leak or burst pipe!

To ensure that you don’t have any breakages with your outdoor water supplies, you’ll need to use the shut-off valves inside your home. These are usually under your sink, in crawl spaces or in the basement.

property to rent in aberdeen

  1. Wrap up your pipes in Blankets

Yes, we’re not kidding! Temperatures in Aberdeen can plummet and the water inside your home can freeze, resulting in burst pipes! Burst pipes will automatically be a disaster for your décor and your wallet.

Your lovely picnic blanket though, is probably not what you want to use on your pipes, so using foam tubes with a split in the side are easy to come by and cheap. You just need to cut them to length and put them on your pipes and that will reduce the risk of the water freezing within them.


  1. Keep the Heat on

The pipes within your home are less likely to freeze if the air within your home is warm.

Keep your cabinets to under your sink open, this will encourage warm air to circulate around these pipes and faucets.


  1. Keep the Snow off your Drains

Even though you are concentrating on not having an ice build up in your drains, you need to be aware that snow will cause a blockage too. The result of having a snow blockage in your drains will be flooding, so keep them clear.

Make sure you have a shovel at hand, that’ll help you remove any snow that is covering your drains.


Let us know what you do to protect your home over the winter, in the comments below. If you fancy the chance to win a £100 Amazon Gift Card, like our Facebook page & share this page.

Please note that this competition will run until the 31st of December.


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5 Advantages of Living Alone in your Property to Rent in Aberdeen

Living with friends and family can be fun and is very cost effective, however there will always be times that we wished we lived alone and eventually the time will come when that becomes a necessity. Obviously the cost of living alone is going to be more than sharing a property to rent in Aberdeen. However, there definitely are significant advantages to living alone!


  1. Peace & Quiet

Living with others in Aberdeen can be fun and very social but a lot of the time it can be difficult to have some peace and quiet; especially if you don’t want to spend all of your time locked up in your bedroom. Living alone frees you from having to deal with noisy roommates banging doors, playing loud music, having the TV on too loud or chatting away until the small hours of the morning.


  1. Live Your Life Your Way

Living alone means you can live how you want to! You can tidy up when you want and no one will complain about your dirty dishes. The advantages of living alone in your property to Rent in Aberdeen even go as far as your morning routine is yours, without changes. Showering and using the bathroom when you want and not having any disruption to that is great!


  1. Your Choice of Décor

When living others, you can decorate your own room (if you don’t share) to your hearts content. However, when it comes to the communal areas, it’s a totally different story! If you and others have moved in together then there is a likelihood you will decorate your new home together but you will still need to compromise. It is more likely that you will move in with a group who have already been in the house or flat for a while, they have already made it home and you wanting to changes things could cause issues. Living in your own property to rent in Aberdeen, means that you decorate how you want.

property to rent in aberdeen

  1. To Talk or Not to Talk

All of us have been there, we’ve had a terrible day at work or Uni and all we want to do is go home, put on our pyjamas, binge on Netflix and be left alone. However, as you are about to relax, your roommate wants to talk…urghhh! This usually wouldn’t be a problem but all of us want some alone time and it can be really difficult if you you live with one or more people. The benefit of living alone, is that you can watch all the Netflix you want, uninterrupted…just don’t watch too much!


  1. Party at your Leisure

You like to party as much as the next person, yet again the next person is your roommate and they love to have house parties…a lot! It’s not the fact that you don’t like to get your strut on but not every weekend and the other option is to hold up in your bedroom until the madness is over, is not very appealing. Living on your own is great as you can socialise and have people over when you want and also who you want. If you have the space you can have a party or if your place is too small, maybe just an intimate dinner!


Living alone is awesome and if you can afford it and enjoy it, If you are looking for a property to rent in Aberdeen, either to share or live on your own, email us at: 

Let us know if you live alone and what you love about it, in the comments below and you will enter into a draw to win a £50 Amazon Gift Card! To be eligible please like our Facebook page, share the post and leave a comment on this blog:


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3 Easy ways to de-clutter your property to rent in Aberdeen

Clutter, this is a word that all of us hate but sadly most of us say it regarding our homes on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter how big our property to rent in Aberdeen may be, there just doesn’t seem to be enough space, to easily put away our possessions.


However, with the continual rise of subscription services, it is now getting easier to de-clutter our lives in certain areas. Here at PMC Management & Lettings, we are going to look at 3 Easy Ways that you can de- clutter your property to rent in Aberdeen.

property to rent in aberdeen

  1. Watch Movies Online

With the rise of subscription service like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. The ability to watch TV Shows & Movies online is so easy and convenient. With these subscriptions you pay a monthly fee and get access to hundreds of Movies & TV Shows, which get updated on a regular basis. The benefit is that you get all these Movies & TV Shows but don’t have the DVD’s, Blue Rays and Box Sets taking up valuable space in your home.

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  1. Stream Music to make more space

The same principal to streaming Movies & TV Shows but applied to Music, the Music streaming service can help you with having thousands of songs at your fingertips but not having to clamber over a mountain of CD’s or LP’s. With services like Spotify, Google Play or TIDAL you can download or stream good or (in the case of TIDAL) great sounding music for a monthly fee.

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  1. Book up some room

We all enjoy reading a good book but there are very few that we read over and over. Therefore, however the usage of tablets and e-readers has helped with that problem. Now you can have as many books as you want on a single device and with services like Kindle Unlimited and Scribd, you can even get an audiobook to listen to as well as having the book. This will save you valuable space in your property to rent in Aberdeen.


We hope these tips have helped and given you some help in trying to de-clutter your property to rent in Aberdeen. If you have any comments or experiences about using subscription services, then please leave a comment down below.








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A Quick Guide to Upcycling in Aberdeen

Upcycling is a term that we hear or see almost every day. Whether people Upcycle for environmental, creative or financial reasons it is proving to be more and more popular around the world. Many who have a property to rent in Aberdeen have turned to Upcycling as a way to decorate their property or to give their home a certain je ne sais quoi!

However, even though Upcycling is becoming ever more mainstream, there are many people (ourselves included) who don’t know much about Upcylcing. Therefore, PMC Management & Lettings spoke with Janet from about upcycling and how everyone can get involved.

 property to rent in aberdeen

What is Upcycling?

Upcycling to me is taking something old and unloved and revamping it and giving it a new lease of life, either by changing it’s colour or purpose. It’s about thinking of new ways of using old products we have in abundance i.e. crockery, furniture, old frames and thinking of new ways to use it.

What items can be Upcycled?

Anything!! If you can think of a new use or new design for an item then it can be Upcycled. There’s the obvious choices such as re-painting furniture, but how about using chicken wire and old frames to create a noticeboard or old drawers to create box shelving. You can cut up old curtains and tablecloths to make new clothes, cushions etc. The list is endless!

lettings aberdeen

Why do you think there has been a rise in the popularity of Upcycling?

I think everyone is a lot more conscious of how much waste that goes to landfill and programmes like Kirsties Fill Your Home for free is really helping to inspire.

Who can get involved in Upcycling?

Anyone, as long as you’re willing to do the work anyone can dabble and it doesn’t have to be a big project such as reupholstering a wingback chair, start small – maybe decoupage and paint glass jars for storage or planters or use teacups and crockery as candles.

letting agents aberdeen

What tips would you have for someone wanting to get involved in Upcycling?

The internet is a great source of ideas and inspiration – check out Pinterest, I get loads of ideas from there. Once you have an idea of what you want to do scour charity shops and jumble sales.

If someone wants to start Upcycling but doesn’t know where to start, what would be the best thing for them to do?

Check out Pinterest and online tutorials or come along to a class, you can find out about my classes on

property to rent in aberdeen

We want to thank Janet a great deal for taking the time to talk with us about Upcycling and how to get involved. If you are looking for inspiration for your first or next Upcycling project, check out Janet’s Instagram account at or @boboliddell.

If you want to check out some of the awesome Upcycling and Vintage pieces that Janet has for sale, then check out her two Etsy stores at here: and

If you have enjoyed this Quick Guide to Upcycling then please like and share this post with your friends and family.

If you wish to get in contact with Janet, then please visit her website:

How to get a Rental Property without having a Rental History!


Looking for a property to rent in Aberdeen can be a bit of a nightmare at the best of times, however it can be even more difficult when you don’t have a rental history! This can prove to be problematic at times with letting agents in Aberdeen. However, here at PMC Management & Lettings we have 5 Top Tips on How to get a Rental Property in Aberdeen without having a rental history.

If you enjoy this video, please let us know in the comments below. If you are looking for a property to rent in Aberdeen or in the Aberdeen area, then please visit our contact page.



5 Ways to Improve your Kitchen in a Property to Rent in Aberdeen

Just because you are living in a property to rent in Aberdeen, doesn’t mean that you have to live with a boring kitchen. Here are 5 non permanent ways to improve your rental kitchen.

property to rent in aberdeen

1. Funky furniture

Improving the look of your kitchen doesn’t need to cost the earth. It is very easy to get brightly coloured bar stools, clever folding tables and vintage looking chairs for very little money. Somewhere like IKEA has a huge selection of cheap, funky and colourful furniture.

However, if you are looking for something more local, vintage or perhaps upscaled then Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire has plenty choice. Nina’s Apartment in Aberdeenshire has a wide choice of British and Scandinavian furniture that is either vintage, upscaled or both!


2. Show Off what You Got

A kitchen in a property to rent in Aberdeen is usually very small and there is not very much space for storage. This provides the perfect opportunity to show off some of your more stylish kitchen wares. If you are looking for vintage or unique kitchen wares then Peapod in Aberdeen have a wide selection of sourced vintage furniture, kitchen wares/utensils, clothes and more.

Using a vase or pint glass could be the perfect storage solution for your cutlery, cooking utensils or other kitchen items. If there is little cupboard space, stacking plates, bowls and mugs in a specific way could look great on a kitchen work top.

3. Create a Fridge Canvas

The fridge door is something that has been a magnetic canvas for decades and as long as there is no danger of causing permanent marks or damage then decorating it is an easy way to brighten up the kitchen in your property to rent in Aberdeen.

Using a magnetic chalk board is a great way to decorate your fridge. It is a perfect way to either write your shopping list or leave a nice drawing or message for whomever you may live with.


4. Vertical Limit

In a property to rent in Aberdeen it may be a struggle to find a kitchen with a large amount of counter top space, however many of these properties have high ceilings.

Looking up to the ceilings and the wall space may provide a solution to a cramped kitchen space. It is best to speak to your landlord but you may be able to hang pots and pans from the ceiling on a rail or you may be able to use hooks on the wall to achieve the same goal.

5. Plant Power

Bringing the outdoors indoors is a goal many have with their property to rent in Aberdeen and this doesn’t change with the kitchen. Having plants produce oxygen and produce a calming atmosphere.

If you are green fingered and a keen cook, then growing your own herbs in your kitchen in your property to rent in Aberdeen is a great way to bring some nature into your kitchen and on top of that your food will taste so much better with fresh, home grown herbs!

5 Ways to Improve a Bathroom in a Property to Rent in Aberdeen

Let’s be honest when you’re looking for a property to rent in Aberdeen, you really would like to have a nice, modern, clean and spacious bathroom. Sadly though not all of the property to rent in Aberdeen have such bathrooms. Here at PMC Management & Lettings are our 5 top tips for improving your bathroom in a rental property.

1. Storage

If you’re a living in a small apartment then storage in general will probably be a problem, particularly within the bathroom. Therefore making use of free standing storage can make a world of difference.

Try and utilize a small chest of drawers, some shelves or metal/wooden racks for extra space and storage. If your bathroom is really tiny try a shelving unit that is slim or use small boxes for storage.

2. Cover up what you don’t like

If your property to rent in Aberdeen is not very modern and you loathe the floor tiles, then making use of a lovely bath mat can help cover that up. If the shower curtain is looking old or not to your taste, it is an easy replacement that can change the look of the bathroom instantly.

If the walls are not tiled and are looking old and worn then covering them up with some pictures and turn it into a mini gallery. Even better if you are a creative type, put some of your own photos or pictures in there and you have your own exhibition.


3. Add Accessories

If the bathroom in your property to rent in Aberdeen is looking rather shabby, you could possibly turn this into an advantage. Adding some flowers, candles, pictures and special soaps – all of these could improve the look of your bathroom. With the addition of these aesthetically pleasing items it will help distract your gaze away from awful taps, doorknobs and ageing tiles.

4. DIY

Dealing with a loose toilet seat, broken door handle or even a leaky tap are all things that can be repaired in your property to rent in Aberdeen. Ask your landlord to make these minor repairs and if you want to change the toilet seat to something more to your liking, then ask the permission of the the landlord of your property to rent in Aberdeen before you go ahead with this.

Making only a few small changes to your bathroom will make a vast difference on how you enjoy your time in your property to rent in Aberdeen.

property to rent in aberdeen

5. Give it a Deep Clean

Most of the property to rent in Aberdeen get a good cleaning before a new tenant arrives but rarely does the bathroom get a really good, deep clean! If you’ve moved in and want to make the most of your bathroom, buy or hire a steam cleaner and get stuck in! This will remove the all the grime and muck and make your bathroom look new again.

Get some heavy duty cleaning products and once your finished light a few candles and your bathroom will look and smell great!


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