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5 Advantages of Living Alone in your Property to Rent in Aberdeen

Living with friends and family can be fun and is very cost effective, however there will always be times that we wished we lived alone and eventually the time will come when that becomes a necessity. Obviously the cost of living alone is going to be more than sharing a property to rent in Aberdeen. However, there definitely are significant advantages to living alone!

  1. Peace & Quiet

Living with others in Aberdeen can be fun and very social but a lot of the time it can be difficult to have some peace and quiet; especially if you don’t want to spend all of your time locked up in your bedroom. Living alone frees you from having to deal with noisy roommates banging doors, playing loud music, having the TV on too loud or chatting away until the small hours of the morning.

  1. Live Your Life Your Way

Living alone means you can live how you want to! You can tidy up when you want and no one will complain about your dirty dishes. The advantages of living alone in your property to Rent in Aberdeen even go as far as your morning routine is yours, without changes. Showering and using the bathroom when you want and not having any disruption to that is great!


  1. Your Choice of Décor

When living others, you can decorate your own room (if you don’t share) to your hearts content. However, when it comes to the communal areas, it’s a totally different story! If you and others have moved in together then there is a likelihood you will decorate your new home together but you will still need to compromise. It is more likely that you will move in with a group who have already been in the house or flat for a while, they have already made it home and you wanting to changes things could cause issues. Living in your own property to rent in Aberdeen, means that you decorate how you want.

property to rent in aberdeen

  1. To Talk or Not to Talk

All of us have been there, we’ve had a terrible day at work or Uni and all we want to do is go home, put on our pyjamas, binge on Netflix and be left alone. However, as you are about to relax, your roommate wants to talk…urghhh! This usually wouldn’t be a problem but all of us want some alone time and it can be really difficult if you you live with one or more people. The benefit of living alone, is that you can watch all the Netflix you want, uninterrupted…just don’t watch too much!

  1. Party at your Leisure

You like to party as much as the next person, yet again the next person is your roommate and they love to have house parties…a lot! It’s not the fact that you don’t like to get your strut on but not every weekend and the other option is to hold up in your bedroom until the madness is over, is not very appealing. Living on your own is great as you can socialise and have people over when you want and also who you want. If you have the space you can have a party or if your place is too small, maybe just an intimate dinner!

Living alone is awesome and if you can afford it and enjoy it, If you are looking for a property to rent in Aberdeen, either to share or live on your own, email us at: 

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